Why it works

Why use MealLogger?


Complimenting in-person nutrition appointments with app-based support grows businesses by synergistically:

  • Increasing the volume of clients health professionals can take on
  • Improving the quality of nutrition counseling
  • Making advertising easy, as clients photograph meals regularly and field questions by friends and colleagues about what they’re doing

The market for app-based nutrition counseling and support networks grows larger every year. As smart phone usage grows, the health professional’s ability to extend their reach and offer more effective counseling grows along with it. Take a look at the medium through which more and more people are looking to connect:

Social Network Stats

More than just a photographic food log, MealLogger supports behavior change through its deep roots in social media.

Healthy and productive eating requires more than just professional advice. MealLogger centers around human interaction, giving and receiving support, and collectively increasing accountability. The increasing interest in social media furthers our efforts to approach healthy eating as a team. Thankfully, more people than ever are participating in social media:

Welcome to the party. Your timing couldn’t be better.

Come in. Make yourself comfortable.


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