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Email Notifications and Reports for Professionals

weeklystatsemailgraphBased on our years of working with Nutrition and Health Professionals, we’ve developed and continue to develop new ways to see how your clients, your social groups and your organization is performing. In our free training sessions we hear similar questions and concerns from individual coaches to large organizations with many professionals running both sponsored social groups and private clients:

Are the coaches in my organization giving enough feedback to their clients?

Which of our clients are at risk of slipping away?

How accurately are my clients able to follow a Nutrition Program?

Which of my organization’s sites are using MealLogger the most? 

Which of my clients was active today?

How do we identify our most successful clients? More important, how quickly can we get made aware of them.


Email Notifications

To turn on Email Notifications go to the Account Settings area in the upper right corner of your MealLogger Pro account.


Select Email Notifications from the left menu pane:


  • Daily Digests are enabled by default
  • New Meals and New Messages notifications can be turned on to deliver an email for every new client meal posting or private message
  • Daily Group Activity Emails send an email notification with a summary listing of all social group activity (posts, likes, comments, top talkers, and slipping away metrics).


MealLogger Pro’s Coaching Statistics are visible from the left main menu.


Nutrition Statistics

How well are your clients able to follow the serving guidelines you’ve set up for them in a Nutrition Program? Nutrition Statistics displays which food types your clients are meeting their goals for and which food types they’re struggling to get enough of or getting too much of.


Coaching Statistics

Coaching Statistics are a valuable means of learning how your professionals are interacting with your clients.  You will be able to see your professionals’ interaction in both social groups and with private clients.  Seeing your professionals’ interaction stats will help assure that your organization is delivering to meet your clients’ expectations.  Export the data in CSV format for use in any reporting or spreadsheet tool.


Weekly Coaching Stats Email Notification

To receive a weekly notification of your organization’s coaching stats, contact us via support and we will turn it on for you. The data will be extracted and summarized and contain CSV export links to produce reports like this:













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