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Group Coaching 101



Group_coachingMealLogger Groups allows one health/fitness professional to coach several clients simultaneously. Participants can see each other’s meals and the suggestions offered by the professional, which often get amplified by other group members and end up leaving a strong impression. This format encourages camaraderie and mutual support, and gives clients the chance to learn and get inspired not just by each other’s meals and snacks, but also successes and wins.

Many people prefer to work individually with their health professional rather than as a group. Interestingly, regardless of a client’s preference for individual or group coaching, group therapy produces greater weight loss than individual therapy. In addition to producing better results, group coaching saves the professional time and allows them to handle a higher client load and grow their business beyond the capacity permitted by individual counseling.

Every health professional has their own specialty. Some work with athletes, others cater to pregnant women or older folk, and the list goes on. It makes sense then to group similar individuals or those with related goals together. For example, a “Lose the Baby Weight” group might appeal to new moms while a “Heart Health” group may be attractive to patients with heart disease whom you work with. Create a group that falls within your specialty.

Once you’ve created the group, using Status Updates will be extremely valuable, as this feature allows you to set the goals for the week and share articles regarding why this goal is important. Clients can also comment beneath your Status Update as a form of checking in, letting you know that they understand what’s on tap for that week and discussing any expected challenges they foresee.


Now you’re locked and loaded. Upload your own meals, comment or love meals by giving it a 2000px-Heart_corazón.svg and watch them do the same. There is a huege benefit when small group training clients and group fitness participants join the same group. They build relationships during their session or in class, and support each other on MealLogger when they leave the gym. Support systems and friendships develop and flourish in magnificent ways.

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