Technology Updates

MealLogger 4.0 is here!

ML4.0.pngWe’re proud to introduce MealLogger version 4!  In a nutshell, MealLogger 4 has the same photo food journal features that you’ve come to expect combined with some new features we’re really excited about, especially the ability to Track Servings and to create Nutrition Programs based on servings.



Layout & Menu

We’ve kept the image size square but removed the rectangular image preview from MealLogger 3. Note: if you’re using our new Nutrition Program feature, your goals and performance will always be visible on the top.


Tracking Servings

MealLogger isn’t a nutrient calculator; it’s a social photo food journal. But we’ve heard the requests for more options to track and measure the information most important to you.  We built our serving tracking to avoid labor-intensive calculation for every meal with a shorthand calculation based on servings.  Before you panic, thinking “Servings!? Do you mean the serving information like what appears on the Nutrition Facts label on packaged food that has no rhyme or reason?”  No. MealLogger teaches you – in pictures – how to estimate servings for all different food categories.  Then you tap, not type, the serving information for your food entry.


Nutrition Programs

Nutrition Programs are eating plans based on tracking consumption of specific foods as designed by a nutrition professional.  We will explain Nutrition Programs and Goal Tracking in a separate post but we encourage you to explore the nutrition programs published on MealLogger.  Nutrition Programs can be anything from a goal to eat more of a few specific food types to entire diet management approaches.  Tap the magnifying glass on the menu bar to explore Nutrition Programs.

Nutrition Program screen shot






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