Technology Updates

Introduction to Nutrition Programs

Nutrition Program screen shotNutrition Programs are now supported in the MealLogger 4 app. Nutrition Programs combined with our new serving tracking feature give professionals a means to publish guidelines for their clients to follow. Want your clients to eat more non-starchy vegetables? Add it as a required food type and let your clients self-report their activity.

You’ll still have the benefit of being able to see what your clients eat but Nutrition Programs provide a way for your clients to monitor themselves. As a professional you’ll be free to give positive reinforcement and qualitative feedback; MealLogger 4 and MealLogger Pro will track and report on your clients’ intake.

Setting up a Nutrition Program

In the Coaching section of MealLogger Pro left menu pane, select Nutrition Programs


After clicking Create Program, give the program a name and brief description.  Note that you can either publish a program to all MealLogger users or restrict it to just your clients and social group connections. Publishing a program to all users can attract new users to your organization. (note: nutrition program users do not count toward any client/user limits in your plan).


Serving Goals

Serving Goals define how much of each food type you’d like your program participants to eat. You can set goals as either minimum required or maximum allowed.


Goals will appear in your program page as you add/edit them.


Tracking Program Participation

You’ll be able to follow participation in your program from the Nutrition Statistics menu option in MealLogger Pro.





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