Virtual peer support groups deliver real-life results

Researchers from the University of Helsinki presented their findings of a four-week feasibility study at the Connected Health Symposium in Boston in October 2016. The results showed that virtual peer support groups with overweight, diabetic men and women moderated by a nutrition professional using MealLogger can effectively promote healthy eating.


  • After the intervention, the mean daily portions of vegetables and fruits was 6.04 (SD 2.31), which was an increase of 2.15 (SD 2.64) portions (p<0.001) compared to baseline.
  • The mean weight loss after the intervention was 1.5 kg (SD 1.82, p=0.001).
  • The mean reduction in waist circumference was 2.4 cm (SD 2.418, p=0.001).
  • 84% of participants agreed that they got support from other group members.
  • The average user uploaded 5.2 meals per day and used the application total of 9.3 times per day, showing that they took time to interact with others through the app.



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