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Work smarter, not harder: 3 ways to better serve your clients and still have a life

Do you know anyone who wouldn’t appreciate a bit more work-life balance? Digital insight company Toluna surveyed 500 health care professionals about their resolutions for 2017. Of those who made resolutions, 69% and 87% ranked “staying current with technology” and “achieving work-life balance” as their most- or second-most-important resolution, respectively. Can you relate?

Luckily, these two goals are interrelated. By staying current with technology, we can use tools that help us work more efficiently. We can find new ways to give patients/clients the support they need and still maintain time for ourselves and our families.

Though some people might be reluctant to start using a new tool, it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. With the right support, learning new technology can be quick (and even fun!), and when you start to see the benefits, it makes the process worthwhile.

Here are just a few of the barriers that David Goldman, RD, managed to overcome by using MealLogger in his work as the first dietitian at Facebook:

Barrier: Inadequate touch
“If I meet with John on the first of each month, he eats excellently for the first week or two. He invariably makes less progress during the second half of the month because I am a pillar of his accountability system, and we have inadequate contact.”
Solution: “MealLogger allows me to connect with every single one of my patients every single day, if I so choose, renewing their commitment each time we do so. I don’t have to connect daily, but I find myself inspired to do so, noting the impact it has on their mindset and progress.”

Barrier: Holes in my schedule
“My patients usually prefer to schedule consultations after their work day ends – say, from 5:30-8:30pm. But that leaves are only a few hours to see patients, and I want to see more than three hours of patients. Plus, this is also the time of day I’d like to spend with my family and friends.
Solution: “MealLogger allows me to perform remote nutrition counseling, connecting with patients and sharing insights at any time of day I choose.”

Barrier: Traveling patients
“When people travel, this is when they typically fall off track on the food front. It’s when they need the accountability of a professional more than ever. To boot, if a patient travels regularly, this lightens my paycheck.”
Solution: “MealLogger allows me to remain connected with patients as they travel for business or pleasure, providing support when they need it most, and keeping me from taking financial hits when they go on vacation.”

These are just some of ways that taking advantage of new technologies can help you achieve a better work-life balance. Fortunately, it also helps you meet your patients’ needs at the same time!


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