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MealLogger chosen to help build unique digital health ecosystem in Helsinki, Finland

MealLogger selected as one of five digital health services from over 30 to pilot digital health solutions in a unique ecosystem of business partners, citizens, and the Health and Wellness Center of Kalasatama

The program brings together citizens, the health and wellness department, and partner organizations in a new collaborative way in order to build out compatible digital solutions that improve the health and well being of the new Kalasatama area in Helsinki, Finland. This growing hub is expected to increase in population eightfold by 2035 and bring 10,000 jobs to that area of Helsinki.

In fact, the innovation platform of Smart Kalasatama is the driving factor why Helsinki was just named as a European Innovation Capital finalist in 2017.


Pepper is Kalasatama’s Health and Wellness Center Robot. Its bright personality greets and dazzles visitors. // Image taken from Twitter. Photo Credit: Jim Koskinen

Some of the partners involved in this unique digital health ecosystem include the social and healthcare department of the City of Helsinki and Finland’s largest consumer goods conglomerate, Kesko.

MealLogger will be piloting its AI-based nutrition coaching features. In addition, MealLogger will implement food purchasing through partner services to guide health food purchasing decisions by utilizing users’ health goals.

Other services that were selected to the cohort include an AI-powered remote therapy chatbot, a stress management metric, and a VR experience designed to reduce workplace stress and anxiety.  

The pilot will continue through the autumn of 2018.


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