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MealLogger used in study of mobile phone nutrition app technology with International Rugby Union player

In an eight week study conducted on players from the highest tier of women’s rugby in England, athletes using MealLogger technology increased protein intake by 29% and increased energy intake by 9% while reducing skinfolds by 16% 

Researchers from St. Mary’s University, Leeds Trinity University, and Sheffield Hallam University in the United Kingdom collaborated to study patient engagement as well as a number of other variables including dietary modification and skin folds using smartphone application technology. Specifically, they looked at an athletic community in which nutritionists had limited engagement with the athletes due to having a part-time or consultancy-based working agreement.

The use of MealLogger facilitated an intervention where young female Rugby Union players were placed into one of two conditions. One used MealLogger for 8 weeks to increase athlete-practitioner engagement through photography of most food and drink consumed (around 85 percent) while the other maintained the usual practice during the offseason between the athlete and practitioner.

This pilot suggests that MealLogger “could be used by performance nutrition practitioners looking to implement effective nutrition knowledge and body composition in other team sports in applied contexts.”

Link to complete study:

Featured Image taken from Chris Curtis’ Twitter.


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