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City of Vantaa gets great results with virtual MealLogger weight management groups for city residents despite COVID-19

The City of Vantaa continued its partnership with MealLogger early this year and offered a weight management group for the city’s residents. The city offered the MealLogger platform in conjunction with a group support program arranged virtually. 

The program lasted four months. Participants reported that they all made concrete changes to their diet. Average weight loss was over 5% of original body weight and waist circumference of participants decreased by four inches on average. The program consisted of everyday peer support along with food journaling facilitating group based learnings and making concrete changes. 

One male program participant shared his motivation for joining the program:

“I wanted to improve the quality of my life using new methods. It was rewarding to track what I was eating, to see what my peers are eating, and to get guidance from our instructor.”

“I noticed that as the quality of my sleep improved, my blood pressure started to drop which pleased me. As an additional bonus, my weight dropped 18 kilos from where I started. After half a year of participating in such groups, I can strongly recommend participation in these groups for those who want to make a difference and do something.” 

Registered dietitian and program manager Kitta Tähtinen provided her reflection on the program. 

“In the group, we shared thoughts, reflections and easy tips for change in our daily lives and provided support. I think it is great that we continue to provide these group-based coaching programs in Vantaa. There is sure to be a demand for it.” 

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