Health and fitness professionals using MealLogger Pro often ask us whether research supports the use of mobile devices and apps for improving health and body composition. They wonder whether specific features like photo-journaling, peer support, and challenges influence behavior change and tell us they would love to see examples of best practices from other colleagues. We created thiss blog to answer these questions and share relevant research as well as some of the lessons we’ve learned about how to best use mobile health technology.

But our goal is not just to share our own information and thoughts. We want to hear from you and have a conversation. We’d love for you to ask questions and share your own experiences along the way. Have you come across some interesting research? Do you have questions on how other professionals use MealLogger with usual or unique populations? We created this blog so you could ask, share, and discuss.

Speaking of research, are you conducting any? We love clinical research.

In fact, clinical trials have already been published using MealLogger to deliver nutrition counseling. If you or your colleagues are conducting research on topics like image-based journaling, group coaching, or other relevant topics, let us know. We’d love to help!

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