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MealLogger deploys AI features in corporate wellness engagement for K-Group, one of Northern Europe’s largest retailing conglomerates

Kesko employees taking part took pictures of their meals as a core part of the coaching program. The coach utilized the artificial intelligence (AI) features MealLogger is refining to streamline the coaching process. Taken from Kesko press release.

Five-week program targeted employees at risk of type-2 diabetes

During the summer of 2018, MealLogger was deployed in a corporate wellness engagement for Kesko, one of Finland’s largest retailing conglomerates, which employs 41,000 people and had sales of €13B in 2018. Employees at risk of type-2 diabetes were selected to the five-week program, which included a weekly group meeting. 

This program was supported by Kesko’s senior physician, Dr. Pirjo Anttila in the occupational health services division. She noted the evidence-based approach MealLogger was taking in delivering the coaching services. 

“Several studies have shown that it is possible to prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes by making changes to your lifestyle. Means of prevention include exercise, a healthy diet, weight management and not smoking,” Anttila said. 

Anttila reflected that there was a strong fit between the MealLogger platform and Kesko’s corporate environment. 

“People in the trading sector are used to working together, so MealLogger’s coaching seems very well suited for K Group personnel. We at K Group want to take care of our staff while at the same time developing new digital services for our customers. I’m confident that digital services related to wellbeing and nutrition will support conventional occupational healthcare, and that they can also be part of K Group’s services to customers,” Anttila said.

Anttila also believes that the use case for MealLogger within K Group can expand beyond diabetes prevention to gut health, weight control, and allergy management, for example. 


Link to Kesko press release: https://www.kesko.fi/en/media/news-and-releases/news/2018/promoting-the-wellbeing-of-k-group-staff-with-artificial-intelligence/



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